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Red Stick Lacrosse, home of the Baton Rouge Mustangs

Red Stick Lacrosse is the parent organization of the Baton Rouge Mustangs. We operate with the goal of growing the game of Lacrosse in the Greater Baton Rouge region and beyond. We do this through our youth, High School, and adult lacrosse programs. We also offer the Red Stick Select Summer Lacrosse and the Red Stick High School Summer Lacrosse League. Our youth program currently fields youth co-ed lacrosse teams playing under boys' rules from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. We are also the home of Baton Rouge's only high school girls and boys club lacrosse teams as well as being the home of the Baton Rouge Men's Lacrosse Club, playing as Red Stick Lacrosse.

The Baton Rouge Mustangs were formed in 2012 to provide a framework and structure for the growth of lacrosse in the Metro Baton Rouge area.

Teams play with the goal of learning the sport through participation and providing a fun experience for all of those involved. We police ourselves in the effort to provide an outlet for kids that have not been swept up in the pressure-filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is all too prevalent in today's youth sports. We do this through strict use of U.S. Lacrosse rules and regulations as well as by utilizing a philosophy and a communication structure to help players, parents and coaches learn, play and grow together.

We hope and strive to provide a format for a safe and meaningful lacrosse experience for all players and promote the growth of lacrosse in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana region while maintaining the highest possible levels of sportsmanship. The Mustangs are members of GCLC (Gulf Coast Lacrosse Conference) youth lacrosse league and the LHSLL (Louisiana High School Lacrosse League) for boys lacrosse.

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